Why Drinking Water Can Change your Life


We all know you need water, right? No, not beer or coffee, they don't count. We're talking, straight up just plain old clear water. But just how important is it really?

 Well, to put things into perspective, the human body comprises around 60% water and the human brain up to 85% water; even your bones contain around 15% water. With some leniency on the statistics, these are scientific facts.

 These are interesting numbers, but they are no more advanced than what you'd learn in a grade 5-science classroom. Yet, the question still remains, why do some people struggle to meet the daily water intake? 

 That question is quite easily answered, we forget. 

 We forget to drink fluids and loose track of our lives throughout the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Now, we're all guilty of this, especially me, but is that really an excuse to compromise health and well being? I'm sure we'd all answer unanimously to that one. 

 Let’s just do a quick overview of the positive changes that can be made to your day-to-day routine with adequate water consumption. It can change your life in the long and short term. The right amount of water can have positive effects on your weight, mood, performance and skin-tone, amongst many other things. These are all well documented facts that relate directly to putting enough water through your body. Don't believe me? Google it. 

 So we can all agree that we should drink water right? Now if only there was a water bottle that could take the guessing out of consuming enough water, whilst also allowing you to keep track of how much you've had over the course of a day... Check out have2buy.com.au we might just have something for you. 


Thomas Lehner
Thomas Lehner


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