Bamboo Chopping boards and why they are so good?

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No matter where you go in the world from japan to the US and everywhere in-between, you’ll find chopping boards in all shapes and sizes, and made from all sorts of differing materials. The universality of this tool speaks to its importance, though it must be said, that not all chopping boards are made equal.

Bamboo - durable, safe, environmentally friendly and more...

The materials that these boards are constructed from need to adhere to certain criteria, such as how safe the materials are around food, the durability of these materials, how appealing they look etc. The most popular materials that tick all the criteria are usually made from plastics, epoxies and wood, but which stands out as the best for you and your family?

Anti microbial properties - no cross contamination

The simple answer is bamboo. Bamboo boards have vast advantages over other materials in various differing forms, such as being completely food safe, having wholly natural anti-microbial properties and being easy to clean. Plastics and other composites often have the disadvantage of having bacterial ruts cut into them by sharp knives. These ruts filled with bacteria can often lead to cases of cross contamination which can pose adverse health risks.

So why bamboo over other forms of wooden products? Because of the environment. Bamboo grows almost faster than any other type of wood, allowing the farming process to be speedy and harmless. Other wood species may take dozens of years to grow to a point where harvesting is even viable. Bamboo also has the advantage of preventing blade damage, as the wood is softer than many others, saving you time on sharpening and giving you more for cooking.


Bamboo, being a natural product, unfortunately isn’t indestructible. So taking care of your investment is very important. The use of food grade mineral oil to treat your boards is highly advisable, since it keeps the board from splitting, drying and losing its anti-microbial nature. Applying the oil to the board via a soft dry cloth is easy and painless, and should be done around once a month, depending on the use.


With all the advantages that a bamboo chopping board has over competitors and the ease with which to take care of it should be a treat to any individual who loves to cook and spend time in the kitchen. With great care and attentive use, these boards should last you well into the future.

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Alan Lehner


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