Hydraquiver - Best Hydration Pack for Runners

If you enjoy endurance sports like running, cycling or athletics, you are probably painfully aware of how important it is to stay adequately hydrated throughout your training and competitions. We’ve all made the mistake of under estimating our fluid intake whilst exercising and paying the price with weakness, dizziness, confusion and headaches - which is never fun.

Hydration made easy

As far as I am concerned there are two options, you either exercise where there is adequate water available to drink (which becomes slightly inconvenient as you have to stop every time), the other, is to carry the water with you. Unless you bring a caddy along with you to transport the water bottles, you are going to have to make a plan. Although some runners consider this to be very practical, and if you find yourself amongst them, have2buy has some great bottles available.

 Ultimately this leaves you with a few options. You can either carry water bottles by hand for the short runs, or get a camelback type system. Alternatively there is also a hydration product that has the best of both worlds and Orange Mud offers just that.

Handheld or Hydraquiver Hydration Packs

Handheld Hydration Packs might work well for shorter activities and have the ease of cleaning the bottle but become a burden to carry on the long runs. Yet water bottles are beneficial as they can be refilled easily when required and they are easy to wash when when dirty. The camelback type option also has its benefits. It is very practical to carry, but when refilling and cleaning its just not as serviceable as the simple water bottle.

 In my opinion the best hydration pack for runners, which offers the best of both worlds, is very likely the Hydraquiver from have2buy. You can carry it over your shoulder like a camelback but have the practicality and versatility of water bottles. The system sits comfortably like a sturdy backpack, where you can simply reach behind your head and access the water. If you find yourself out of fluid, you can quickly wash the bottles out and refill them whilst on the fly.

 The Hydraquiver, both single and double barrel have some great features as well, especially for runners. They are a low profile design, making them easy to wear. It comes with food/accessory pockets and a BPA free bottle. It’s also quite durable, which is great because when it gets sweaty you can just throw it in the wash. With all of these features and practicality, the Hydraquiver will undoubtedly be your favourite running partner.


Thomas Lehner
Thomas Lehner


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