Bamboo chopping board and knife guide cutting system


Kitchentine bamboo chopping board is a unique knife guide cutting system that makes hard to cut foods a breeze.

Ideal for anybody with arthritis or generally weak hands or wrists that has difficulty cutting hard objects like corn cobs, butternut, sweet potatoes, cheese, jerky or any hard to cut foods.

The Kitchentine knife guide cutting system - combined with our beautiful durable, low maintenance and environmentally friendly bamboo chopping board is a must have addition to your kitchen. With the Kitchentine insert you have a unique knife guide cutting system making hard to cut foods safer and much easier to cut, perfect for people with disabilities or just weak hands or wrists. If you only need to use a spacious high quality bamboo chopping board just take out the Kitchentine insert and use like any other chopping board.

Some of the benefits of the Kitchentine cutting system are:

  • Leverage action makes hard to cut objects a breeze
  • Can be used with most knife sizes
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • No formaldehyde
  • Keeps knife stable for accurate and safe cut
  • Attractive bamboo board with anti bacterial properties
  • Environmentally friendly

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